About Us

About WV Horses

Based in Scotland, our work is concentrated on Scotland’s wildlife, pet dogs and also guinea pig. We likewise function across the UK and globally in collaboration with other animal well-being organisations.

Our company believe that people and animals aren’t that various. All of us think, feel and love. And also we’re all efficient in enduring.

OneKind are right here to alter this. To presented with animals a voice via marketing as well as lobbying for laws that will shield them for life. Our aim is to inspire people making adjustments in their lives to lower their negative influence on animals.

If we’re to prosper, we require everybody to do something about it. That’s why we operate in the mainstream of the animal protection activity. We have years of encounter in assisting to form the legislative as well as social landscapes with prominent campaigns, political lobbying, investigations as well as public education. We take a functional, evidence-based method to understanding and establishing remedies to animal welfare issues.




Please help us finish viciousness to Scotland’s pets by joining us as a fan. As an advocate, you give us as well as the pets we represent a louder voice, and aid make our campaigns, study as well as education and learning happen.

For any info contact us at admin@wvorse.com.